Cultura hispanoamericana is the title of our Span 301 class.

Indeed it is an exotic and ambitious title for a semester class. However, we will  comment on several cultural aspects that are frequently perceived through stereotypes: la diversidad étnica y linguística, la familia hispana, la mujer en el mundo hispano, las creencias y tradiciones polulares, la presencia hispana en los EEUU y la violencia en Latinoamérica.

This course invites you to look at the many cultural aspects of the Hispanic world  beyond common prejudices.  We will discuss several readings from our textbook (Pasajes Cultura. 7th edition), as well as additional readings, videos, music and a documentary. Altogether, we will follow a fascinating and complex path as corresponds to the study of such heterogeneous cultural mosaic named Cultura hispanoamericana.

Please, check the syllabus. In our first class I will explain all about class evaluations, grades, rules and more.

You will probably agree with me when I say that a syllabus is like a leasing contract or any contract that we sign. Therefore, we have to read it carefully, haven´t we?

Our class is 100% in Spanish. However our syllabus is in English. The purpose is that you understand the rules very well. I hope you enjoy all the activities listed on the syllabus. Of course, your suggestions are more than welcome and necessary.

Before I invite you to check the rest of the links of the Span 301 class (Sections 06 & 10), let me write down (or say): Thank you for studying my mother language!